• pumpkin spice recipes for fall

    Pumpkin Spice Recipes for Fall

    Fall is finally here, which means it’s time to make some delicious dishes in our kitchen. This is my favorite season and nothing can beat the recipes we make during fall. From baking apples to yummy squash recipes, rich flavors of fall are my favorite. The most popular and my most favorite fall flavor is pumpkin. As the leaves change and the temperature drops, it’s time for some delicious pumpkin-packed treats. Nothing invokes the taste of fall better than pumpkin spice. From latte to cakes and muffins, pumpkin spice is the official flavor of fall. So, if you’re ready to indulge in some of the best fall favorites, here are…

  • benefits of babywearing for mom and baby

    Benefits of Babywearing for Mom and Baby

    Hey, guys! Happy International Baby Wearing Week! It’s an annual outreach event sponsored by Babywearing International. International Babywearing Week (IBW) is a week-long opportunity to promote, celebrate, educate, and focus on many benefits of babywearing. This year, International Babywearing Week is from September 30 to October 9, 2019. So, in honor of all the baby wearers out there and others who are keen to know about babywearing, this article is for Mothers to learn about babywearing benefits for you and your newborn. I have personally shared my favorite reasons for babywearing here. Babywearing has been around for generations in many cultures, but it has only recently adopted across the world.…

  • how to bridge generation gap

    How to Bridge Generation Gap and Be a Better Parent

    ‘Ever remember the incident when your father tried to dictate your fashion sense, and you simply couldn’t resist rolling your eyes behind his back. Once the child enters into teens, there is a generation gap that occurs between you and your child. This is pretty much obvious but certain things trigger the generation gap while the other may help you to combat this gap effectively. So, if you’re parents who are suffering from such gap or know others in such a situation, then this post is for you. WHAT IS A GENERATION GAP? By generation, it simply means human beings born and living at the same time. And the obvious…

  • mystery blogger award

    The Mystery Blogger Award

    This is not a typical post, but I am so honored that I wanted to share it. I, never heard of the Mystery Blogger award before, until I was nominated for by Beth a couple of days before. She is an amazing blogger and a person, and I love her for what she does. Her posts are mainly related to mental health and about university students as well. You can check out her blog “Life of Beth” and read her answers for this award here. Also, this post is absolutely not a sponsored one nor affiliated, as you might know. I have this boring disclosure on every post of mine.…

  • coubgh and cold-allmomsblog

    Tips To Treat Cough and Cold During Pregnancy

    If you are pregnant, then this post is for you! The first thing you should know is, everything changes when you become pregnant. That is, from the size of your belly to your heart rate, for over nine months up to childbirth. When you’re expecting, your immune system is also naturally decreased. It runs slower than usual, which is a good thing, as this lower defense system is your body’s way to make sure the baby is protected and stops your body from fighting the fetus off as a foreign body. But, the downside of this immune suppression is, you become more susceptible to illness. When seasons like winter or…

  • rental apartment- allmomsblog

    9 Ways to Make a Rental Feel Like Home

    These days, rentals are becoming more and more common, particularly in urban centers for young and even couples, which is not always bad as it lets you test out a new neighborhood. I live in a place where most of the people live in rented flats, including myself. We still don’t have our own place, so until we do I love my rental apartment and I always find ways to make it feel like home. I always noticed what these rentals often lack are warm, lived-in vibes of permanent dwellings. But imagine, what if this is going to be your abode for the next couple of years, so decide to…

  • Importance of me time

    Importance Of Me Time As A Mom

    I forgot about “me time” as soon as I became a mother. It was hard to even understand when the day began and ended. Once I’m up, the chores of breakfast, sending kids to school, cooking and cleaning take half a day. After doing the chores of the entire day it was almost evening and due to the hectic schedule, I simply used to doze off. There was nothing extraordinary and time always flew like that. Being a mum is a tiring job and raising children is the most exhausting job, even when you have the help of a spouse. Don’t get me wrong we wouldn’t trade it for the…

  • Books for moms to read

    9 Best Books for Stay-at-Home Moms to Read

    After a hectic day of parenting, I like to relax when my kids are asleep to decompress myself. I understand the importance of Me-Time, though I don’t religiously do that as I am tired of daily chores that I love to simply doze off. But whenever I get time for myself I follow a good skincare regime and do some reading specifically books for moms to get information on all aspects of life as a mother. It’s a great way to relax and learn something new. It helps to wind down after a crazy day with kids. I was always passionate about reading books and they were a great source…

  • creamy-chicken-pasta-recipes

    Creamy Chicken Pasta Recipes To Try

    Do you love Pasta? I do! Who doesn’t? Pasta recipes are my favorite go-to recipes for weekends or when I am not in a mood to cook for hours in the kitchen. I love dinners that are so simple to make but taste like I spent all day in the kitchen and delicious creamy pasta recipes are one of them. If you love chicken pasta recipes, this list is perfect for you! Creamy Chicken Pasta recipes can be amazing as they are so perfect for impressing family and friends at any time of the week. No matter who you serve and what you add to your pasta creations, they are…