non toy gift ideas for kids of every age

Ultimate Non Toy Gifts For Kids Of Every Age

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I love buying some non toy gifts for my children because if your home is anything like mine, and you are like me, then you probably might have donated more than half of your children’s toys to your local thrift store or charity by now. Good! But the saddest part is you still don’t see the dent.

I’m not saying it’s bad to have tons of toys, I mean, it’s amazing how the heaps of toy possessions can grow quickly. Obviously, I LOVE my kids playing around with their toys, and I love a lot of toys they have.

So, what’s the issue?

Most of the toys are just for having fun, although, fun is not bad they aren’t teaching kids anything in particular. Play is essential and I never discourage playing with toys, but my main focus is to have them learn a thing or two that’s going to benefit them in the long run. So these kinds of toy gifts are amazing to gift our children.

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Secondly, spending time with your precious kids, I believe, is a far greater gift we can put in a gift bag anyway. They may not jump up and down with great enthusiasm on your gifts of toys, but thirty years from now, they’ll be still talking about the time you spent together.

So, moving on to the topic, it is always better to give non toy gift items to children from which they can learn something and these toys can help improve the imagination, learning, and expanding their horizons.

Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite non toy gifts you can gift them on any occasion and I’m sure they are going to love them! Happy gifting 😊

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Board Games

What can be better than family time together? One of the precious times for kids to remember is the time spent with family. Family board games can be amazing to play and spend time with each other. These games can boost imagination among kids. Some of my favorites are Catan, Exploding Kittens, and Qwirkle Board Game.


To keep your kids busy and at the same time work on their mental skills, you can buy them puzzles. This activity will keep them busy for a longer time and boost their mental and coordination skills. There are many puzzle sets out there. My recommendations are Mudpuppy as they have some seriously quality children’s puzzles. You can check their amazing collection where they have 12-piece pouches starter puzzles for 2-3-year-olds. They also have their To Go Puzzles for traveling with kids. as for older kids, their 1000 piece puzzles are awesome!

Gigantic Coloring Poster

Try to go beyond a regular color book and give you kids and experience with these larger-than-them coloring posters. Simply roll them on the floor or across the dining table for hours of detailed fun. Two of the best are OMY NYC Poster and Coloring America with State Trivia.

You can join them too, I know you’ll find it hard to resist, too!


Sewing Machine

Learning to sew can inspire creativity and imagination in your child. Having to make their own clothes, toys and quilts or anything of their choice will boost imagination and can be so powerful. Janome Sewing Machine for beginners is an amazing tool to provide your kids if you’re really looking for non toy gifts.

Add a little fun to this gift by adding Modern Sewing Basket with beginner’s supplies to make sure they have everything at hand to start with. Also, if you want to pair this machine with some inspirations, I recommend this amazing guide, Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make. The instructions are for children aged 5 and up and includes all the fun items they can make with this sewing machine.

Knitting and Crochet Kit

These are some of the great kits for young kids. Alex Toys Craft My Chunky and Funky Scarf and the other one from the same brand is Crochet a Rainbow scarf. The instructions are simple and needles are provided in the set both shorter and thicker to make it easier for kids to maneuver them. So, basically, all the tools are included with instructions and patterns.

If you have older children past the beginner stage, you can try gifting them some more grown-ups set like The Ultimate Crochet Kit. This is amazing with supplies for older kids.

Dress Up Clothes

Younger kids love to play with a variety of dress-up clothes. We have Melissa and Doug’s Role Play Clothes which is an incredible non toy gifts to add to your list for kids. It has tons of clothes from Grandma’s closet of old hats and shoes to ball gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Don’t forget the costume jewelry, there are a lot of fun necklaces, earrings, and rings that are age-appropriate.

If you’re searching for more toys for your little girls, check out this article.


Science Experiment Kit

Science Experiment kits are wonderful for attention and to levitate kids’ love for science. For toddlers to preschoolers, you can buy The Primary Science Lab Set. These science tools are perfect for little fingers and durable enough. It comes with an activity guide and cards explaining about simple experiments. After doing a couple of experiments, the little testers can spend time to play with the equipment inside. It’s a win-win!

For older kids, the Magic Science for Wizards Kit is amazing to cast an enchanting spell and do experiments with chemical reactions. It

Crystal Growing Kit

Kids will love such kits where they can make their very own crystals. This Crystal Growing Experimental Kit includes all the essential materials needed to grow 7 different crystals, along with complete instructions and a display case. It is recommended for ages 10+, although little ones can enjoy it too, but with adult supervision. 


Can anything beat it? When I was young, all I wanted was a microscope to test almost everything under it. I remember how happy I was when I got one and as I mentioned, I literally was curious to see every single thing under it.

Anyways, my recommendation is the Duo Scope Microscope which features 40x, 100x, and 400x magnifications and comes with a 50-piece accessory kit.


Kids love creatures and can create their own habitat with the Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium. This kit is super fun that allows kids to decorate and assemble their scene and then watch the seeds grow. This is basically a kind of a mini-ecosystem. They can use the glow-in-the-dark stickers to examine it at night! Isn’t that amazing! Both girls and boys will love this gift.

Find out some more toys for your boys in this article. You will love them!


Cook Books For Kids

When thinking of gift ideas, who can forget cooking books for our goodie kids out there. You can gift them some good cookbooks to experiment with them in the kitchen. These are some of my favorites: Cooking Class: 57 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love To Make (and Eat!) and The Foodie Kids Cook Book.

Kids Cooking Utensils

When talking about kids cookbooks, adding a few kitchen tools and accessories to your cookbook gift will be an amazing gift altogether. These knives set is a good alternative to our kitchen knives which will allow the kids to cut through fruits and veggies, but won’t cut through their skin!

For older kids ready to level up their cooking experience, take a look at the MasterChef Junior Baking Kitchen Set and MasterChef Junior Baking Kitchen Set which offers top quality tools sized just for them.


A Kindle Fire

Over the past years, Kindle Fires have become common and affordable. The best part is you can download educational apps in it, which makes it a perfect non-toy gift for kids. You can get your hands on the latest version All-New Kindle Fire, which is soon to be released on 30th Oct 2019.

Instant Camera

I still remember how much fun I had when I used to take pictures of my parent’s Polaroid camera when I was a kid. We despite the fact that those cameras are now replaced with digital ones, there still something to be said for instant gratification. The instant photo was taken right way never gets old, your kids will adore the vintage styling and fun colors of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. It’s a perfect gift for tweens and teens and they can get so creative with the pictures taken with it.

I remember my sister hung those pictures we took on a vacation with the string lights on the curtain. It was an incredible idea, and we loved watching them at night under those string lights.


This is an incredible, also an award-winning game system due to its revolutionizing ability to teach kids to learn and use their imagination with dynamic hands-on play.

The Osmo System is great for kids aging from 4-12 years of age. The setup is quite simple: just download the app, place an iPad, iPhone or Amazon Fire device in the base, and a clip on the reflector. Then your kids will be ready to use Osmo game pieces or drawing board while interacting with the screen. I personally haven’t used this stuff, as I don’t own an iPad or iPhone (may when I will buy I am going to use this with my kids). I have heard tons of good reviews about it.

The things kids can learn through this game are coding (hell, Yeah! Coding), practice Math and Spelling, unleash their creativity and have their drawings magically come to life, run a pizza parlor, fractions and profits, and many more games that unleash their brainpower. You can see the video for yourself to get a better idea:

So, did you like these gift ideas? What do you give your kids when it comes to giving some non toy gifts? Share in the comments below. I love reading them. Xoxo


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