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    17 Surprising Postpartum Body Changes No One Tells You

    You definitely know about certain postpartum body changes from people around you or from the Internet. There are some postpartum changes that pretty much no one shares with you. You will find them here! First off, having a baby can drastically change your body. While some women may bounce back to their original self after they had their baby. Others do not. When I had my first child, I couldn’t move from one place for like a month. The intense vaginal pain didn’t go for about 4 months. I was so focused on my baby and the pain I hardly had time to notice the postpartum body changes I started…


    9 Reasons To Consider Home Birth

    When I wasn’t pregnant or even married, I never knew about home birth. I always assumed that babies are born in the hospital. I believed it was the same stuff with everyone like getting an epidural and having a vaginal birth. Of course, I knew about C-sections as well, but my main assumption was that only a hospital was a place where babies are born. I, myself gave birth to both of my kids in a hospital. Though, according to me, my experience was not so flattering. After I had my 2 babies, I heard some people still give and chose to give birth at home. I still assumed that…