• save money with the master money making super bundle

    Save Money With The Master Your Money Bundle

    Whether you’re a stay at home mom who works from home or you work out in the world, financial independence can only happen when you master your money. You might want to ask yourself how you are spending your money and how might your life improve and affect your children? Are you trying to be intentional with your money and have some serious financial goals? When you try to put your finances together you need tips and tools to help you in your journey. Imagine living stress-free, able to pay your bills and having to save some extra money aside. I’m really excited to share this bundle with your guys.…

  • ways to spend your holidays on a budget

    8 Great Ways to Spend Holidays On A Budget

    The holiday season is here and I know all of you guys would be stressing about looking forward to it but with spending your holiday on a budget. The holiday season is about love, family, friends and spending all the money you have earned. Well, I believe ideally, it’s less of the latter. Making a holiday spending budget will help you do that. When you spend your holidays on a budget, it lessens the stress and can keep even the most zealous shoppers from maxing out their credit cards. This post shares some of the tricks and tweaks on how you can spend your holidays on a budget without losing…