• having a self care routine for moms. 20 self care ideas for busy moms.

    20 Essential Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms

    Self-care for moms has become more of a luxury with the passage of time than a necessity. I remember I would say the word “self-care” literally 5 times a day and would do plenty to take care of myself during half of my 20s. After becoming a mother, I have realized sometime we spend so much time caring for others and working towards achieving our goals, we often feel guilty about caring for ourselves beyond the basics like exercising and eating a healthy diet. Well, I am here to tell you that a self-care activity is a must as a mother to make you feel recharged. Self-care isn’t trying to…

  • Amazon products every mom need in her life

    20 Best New Mom Products on Amazon You Need

    Searching for products when you just became a new mom can be musch of a task. There is no denying to absolutely how much we all love Amazon. As a mom, I can simply vouch for Amazon and the products I can receive in a speedy 48-hour timeframe. We put together a list of so many things we absolutely love and can’t live without, all that we can order with a few clicks straight from Amazon. Mom’s life requires us to be resourceful and somehow look like we’ve got it all together. That actually means life hacks and wearing things that will make you look extra put together. Obviously to…

  • reasons to surround yourself with positive people

    7 Reasons To Surround Yourself With Positive People

    Having positive people in your life is luck! A week ago, something amazing happened to me. Of course, I didn’t get a lottery ticket or something or I’m going on a dream vacation…yet… but I was talking to a friend of mine when this thought struck me and I felt a need to write and share my feelings about it with you all. I’m, basically, a huge introvert and shy most of the time. I avoid people like a plague unless they approach me. this is the main reason I never had a lot of friends in my life. and for the most part, I’m ok with it. Why? because…

  • Importance of me time

    Importance Of Me Time As A Mom

    I forgot about “me time” as soon as I became a mother. It was hard to even understand when the day began and ended. Once I’m up, the chores of breakfast, sending kids to school, cooking and cleaning take half a day. After doing the chores of the entire day it was almost evening and due to the hectic schedule, I simply used to doze off. There was nothing extraordinary and time always flew like that. Being a mum is a tiring job and raising children is the most exhausting job, even when you have the help of a spouse. Don’t get me wrong we wouldn’t trade it for the…

  • mom-workout-ideas

    Workout Tips For a Busy or Working Mom

    When life as a mother gets busy, the workout is the first thing to go by the wayside. As a new mom, you have plenty to think about: when to feed the baby, what to do when they cry, finding time to sleep, and how to get rid of those extra pounds packed on during pregnancy. No matter what exercise plan you follow, sometimes it gets hard to find TIME to exercise. Let’s say, even if you find time to exercise, how do you find the motivation to keep going? Maybe the answer is to take time instead of finding the time. Then you can tap into the motivation you…

  • skincare-for-busy-moms

    Anti Aging Skin Care Guide For Busy Moms

    Aging is super normal but aging overnight isn’t. Finding time for yourself and the right anti-aging techniques when you are a mom can be challenging! We absolutely love our children, but we feel like no sleep, stress, and on-the-go life is aging us overnight! This is a conversation I have constantly with friends and other mothers. Motherhood has made skincare become more of a luxury than a necessity. Often this job causes dirty and dehydrated skin, which makes it inevitable for wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots to show up with aging. But, what we need to think about is, we are making things worse by not doing anything about…