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Age Appropriate Chores For Kids 1 – 11+ years

Age Appropriate Chores For Kids 1 - 11+ years

There are many benefits to getting your kids on board to help you with the chores around the house. Giving the kids age-appropriate chores help them feel wanted, teaches them important life skills, and boosts self-confidence in. As a mother with a busy schedule, multi-tasking can be one of the most valuable tools on your […]

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What are Memory Jars? And How to Make Them!

memory jar ideas - all moms blog

Do you ever wish a moment could last forever? Belly laughs, day trips and messy dinner experiments are all fond memories that you and your loved ones will look back on with love for years to come – and by making a memory jar, you can make sure that you remember exactly how you felt in […]

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25 Time-Saving Best Kitchen Gadgets For Moms

25 best kitchen gadgets for moms to make their lives easier

25 Time-Saving Best Kitchen Gadgets For Moms If you’re looking for kitchen items that save your time and work efficiently then, here are some of my favorite kitchen gadgets to do the job for you. I’m a complete kitchen gadget junkie and look for stuff that can help me in my kitchen. I love a […]

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30 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas (Updated 2021)

baby shower gift ideas for new moms to be

30 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas (Updated 2021) Picking perfect baby shower gifts can be tricky. I have put together a comprehensive list of practical and affordable unique baby gifts you can give to a new mom. An expectant mom always loves usual baby gifts like diapers, cute stuffed toys, bibs and all but if […]

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Perfect Holiday Present Ideas For Little Boys

perfect holiday presents for little boys

Best Holiday Present Ideas For Your Little Boys! Are you thinking of some good holiday present ideas for boys? Many people out there think it is so hard to shop for boys, especially when it comes to buying toys. Well, I don’t certainly think so. This is why I have created this post and have […]

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