• a boy with glasses in the library- raising smart kids

    9 Incredible Habits for Raising Smart Kids

    As parents, we want the best for our kids. That best also involves them being kind and smart. We want them to be smart enough to achieve whatever they wish in their lives. This is our biggest dream, isn’t it? Raising smart kids those who are equally kind and genuine!! Can we accomplish it? Of course, we can! Sometimes, it really bothers me to see kids’ anger and frustration played out on TV and in movies like it’s the natural part of growing up. Although, this isn’t always true. Spreading the lie that all the kids have some sort of attitude problem is basically leading to all the troubles we…

  • having a self care routine for moms. 20 self care ideas for busy moms.

    20 Essential Self-Care Ideas For Busy Moms

    Self-care for moms has become more of a luxury with the passage of time than a necessity. I remember I would say the word “self-care” literally 5 times a day and would do plenty to take care of myself during half of my 20s. After becoming a mother, I have realized sometime we spend so much time caring for others and working towards achieving our goals, we often feel guilty about caring for ourselves beyond the basics like exercising and eating a healthy diet. Well, I am here to tell you that a self-care activity is a must as a mother to make you feel recharged. Self-care isn’t trying to…

  • 15 healthy foods that will help you sleep better- allmomsblog

    15 Foods That Help You Sleep Better

    As moms, we know how much sleep is important for our well-being. You definitely know all the stress and chores of today and tomorrow might result in your restless nights. But what you don’t know is that your diet plays an important role in your overall health. There are foods that help you with your sleep. Your body burns fat and regenerates your cells that slows down the effects of aging. Now you know how important your sleep is. Lack of sleep elevates our cortisol levels and stress hormones, causing our body to store rather than burn fat. Not only can lack of sleep cause drowsiness and tiredness, but it…

  • how to declutter your home in one weekend- allmomsblog

    Declutter Your Home In A Weekend + Free Printable

    Is decluttering a hectic task for you? Do you need to declutter help? Are you searching how to declutter your home? Then you are in the right place.  Decluttering your home can be a daunting task. Trust me, I’ve been there! The idea of sorting through all the rooms filled with belongings can be so overwhelming and it’s easier to push it off for another time. Here are some of my decluttering tips that will help you declutter your home in just one weekend. I never seem to have enough time, so I completely understand this declutter challenge you all might be facing. As a busy mom, it can be…

  • surprising postpartum body changes no one tell you about- allmomsblog

    17 Surprising Postpartum Body Changes No One Tells You

    You definitely know about certain postpartum body changes from people around you or from the Internet. There are some postpartum changes that pretty much no one shares with you. You will find them here! First off, having a baby can drastically change your body. While some women may bounce back to their original self after they had their baby. Others do not. When I had my first child, I couldn’t move from one place for like a month. The intense vaginal pain didn’t go for about 4 months. I was so focused on my baby and the pain I hardly had time to notice the postpartum body changes I started…

  • 30 unique baby shower gift ideas

    30 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    An expectant mom always loves usual baby gifts like diapers, cute stuffed toys, bibs and all but if you’re like me and you plan to give some unique gifts to a mom-to-be then this post is for you. Picking a perfect baby shower gift can be tricky. It’s practically nice to give expectant mama things she needs and will use, but sometimes going a little different and unique is never a bad idea. I have put together a comprehensive list of practical and affordable baby shower gifts you can give to a new mom. This list that I have created is inspired to the things that really stuck out to…

  • save money with the master money making super bundle

    Save Money With The Master Your Money Bundle

    Whether you’re a stay at home mom who works from home or you work out in the world, financial independence can only happen when you master your money. You might want to ask yourself how you are spending your money and how might your life improve and affect your children? Are you trying to be intentional with your money and have some serious financial goals? When you try to put your finances together you need tips and tools to help you in your journey. Imagine living stress-free, able to pay your bills and having to save some extra money aside. I’m really excited to share this bundle with your guys.…

  • ways to spend your holidays on a budget

    8 Great Ways to Spend Holidays On A Budget

    The holiday season is here and I know all of you guys would be stressing about looking forward to it but with spending your holiday on a budget. The holiday season is about love, family, friends and spending all the money you have earned. Well, I believe ideally, it’s less of the latter. Making a holiday spending budget will help you do that. When you spend your holidays on a budget, it lessens the stress and can keep even the most zealous shoppers from maxing out their credit cards. This post shares some of the tricks and tweaks on how you can spend your holidays on a budget without losing…

  • perfect holiday presents for little boys

    Perfect Holiday Present Ideas For Little Boys

    Are you thinking of some good holiday present ideas for boys? Many people out there think it is so hard to shop for boys, especially when it comes to buying toys. Well, I don’t certainly think so. This is why I have created this post and have listed a few holiday gift ideas for boys in your life. We have also an amazing list of holiday toys for little girls. Check it out here. If you’re feeling a little stumped and confused, here is our holiday present ideas list for the little boys. KidKraft Train Set and Table  Your young conductors will love playing with this Ride Around Town Train…